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Design Services by the Hour

Design Services

Do you have something you need some help with but do not have the tools to complete it or the knowhow. Hire a designer to help you. That’s why we have design services by the hour. Below in the long description are some ideas why you might require a designer.

Some jobs are just not for big print runs, big websites or big jobs. They sometimes can be little niggly things that just need that perfect touch. A designer knows their craft, has probably done what you need to do hundreds of times before and has the right tools. Sometimes you may not understand how things work, and a knowledgeable person can help you. 

Here are some ideas of what you might need design by the hour for:

  • translate files from eps or ai to a jpeg or png for a Word document (a file to another file type)
  • a job resume created
  • a small illustration
  • a PDF created
  • a photo sized down or sharpened for a website or a document
  • a Word document made fancier and saved to a PDF
  • logo touch-up
  • a big mess!

There is an endless amount of little jobs for which you may need help. Try and guess how much time it might take and purchase that much time. It can always be corrected later if the job goes over the allotted time.

Do not call if you have issues or needs for:

  • Website coding
  • Hosting
  • Email
  • Sites other than WordPress sites
  • Photo retouching and restoring
  • Video retouching or restoring
  • Capturing video from old tapes

Why not phone or email first and let's talk!